What I'm About

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Diet Blog. My goal here is not simply to show how little/much I am eating. It is a chance for me to reveal the truth about my BED and to be honest about my need for change. Regardless of how I am eating, I am going to post it here. This is not a meal plan that I say you should follow, but it is a log that I hope will work as a documentation of my eating patterns and the changes in my food mentality as I seek emotional and physical health. My goal is to let the truth be what sets me free, to avoid the pitfalls of denial, and to have the knowledge I gain and the personal insights that result to aid in my recovery. So expect the inglorious truth to be revealed. You're gonna know when I undereat, when I overeat, and when I'm healthy, and when I'm not. My prayer is that some of you who are secretly struggling will be inspired to be honest if there is a secret disorder or addiction plaguing you, and to realize it is a symptom of deeper issues, issues that you can find help in. If you do find that you are struggling, know that you can reach out for help. And please be honest with yourself. Tell someone who is a safe place. Seek the help you need. Recovery is available, and though it is not an easy road, here is the hard fact: denial is bondage, but truth sets us free - 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, John 8:32.

That being said... Welcome to Sweets for Liberty :)